Ward & McKenzie Superyacht Consulting
January 17th, 2019

The secret life of superyacht valuations | Superyacht Investor

Banks and financers are almost invariably needed to help the super-rich buy superyachts. No matter how deep your pockets are, you are unlikely to purchase a yacht without assistance. Being a billionaire does not necessarily equate to having, say, $30 million dollars sitting in your current account.

With the eye-watering figures involved in buying superyachts it is no wonder banks are keen to ensure the risk of lending is minimised. The key is knowing the true valuation of the vessel.

The lender could go to the brokerage selling a vessel, but how impartial would the price truly be when the broker is incentivised?

The answer is to turn to a valuation expert – an independent marine surveyor.

“Banks want to make sure the loan-to-value ratio is realistic compared with their customer’s expectation,” says Sir Ian Collett, director of Ward & McKenzie Superyacht Consulting.